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Upstairs, Downstairs

Interior Design Magazine November 2010

Upstairs, Downstairs Upstairs, Downstairs

The line waiting for the elevator did indeed snake out to the street, but this wasn't your typical jam-packed reception at New York's Ralph Pucci International.

Instead of playing second fiddle to the showroom's penthouse level-it's a penthouse, after all-the ninth-floor annex took the spotlight. That's because Ralph Pucci had converted a storage area on mine into additional gallery space.

Square footage now totals 15,000, the same as upstairs. As part of the renovation, artist Malcolm Hill painted a mural on a wall separating the old and new sections. 'Unifying the adjacent architectural volumes while appearing to float in space,' he says, the composition just happens to echo the abstracted geometry of Jim Zivic's nearby Leather Link hammock and chiseled Coal table. David Weeks, meanwhile, unveiled an installation of Acaba pendant fixtures, which feature spherical shades attached to opposite ends of a rod and weighted to hang off-kilter.

Weeks and Zivic are Pucci mainstays, but a pair of relative newcomers were simultaneously being feted in, yes, the penthouse. Lianne Gold and Andrew Thompson, inspired by mid-century Italy, collaborated on 60 vessels in textured handblown glass. The organic shapes, though oversize in their own right, were downright dainty compared to the 13-by-18-foot mural that Pucci commissioned in their honor.

Clockwise from top: Jim Zivic's Leather Link hammock, in leather, suede, wool felt, and steel, is displayed with his chiseled Coal table near Malcolm Hill's mural in acrylic and gesso. Lianne Gold and Andrew Thompson's handblown glass vessels appear with a chalk mural by Peter Astrom. David Weeks designed the Acaba pendant fixtures in powder - coated steel.