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The Closer

Daily News November 2011

The Closer

Rarely does a piece of furniture make you do a double take and make you gasp, and then make you walk over to it and say, “what is it? Who made this?'

“It' is a console. Titled “Piercing,' the piece is made of mirrored stainless steel with red lacquer feet that elevate it 3 inches of the ground. Sold Exclusively on 18th St. in the Flatiron District at Ralph Pucci International, one of the top furniture galleries in the world, Piercing is designed by Herve Van Der Straeten, a Paris-based furniture maker and artist.

“Herve van der Straeten is at the top of his game, “says Ralph Pucci, who owns and runs the gallery space, which has more that 30,000 square feet of show room. “Every piece he creates somehow gets better.'

A Sculptural and functional statement, this is one of the most daring pieces of furniture ever made. It can look like a rocket, bullet, or gateway to another dimension. Somehow the reflecting mirror material gives it constant motion. It’s not cheap. Designed for the homes of “people of wealth and taste,' to quote Mick Jagger, it’s priced at $125,000. We think that’s a bargain for the rich and famous, if it’s not in a museum within the decade, this piece will sell for triple its asking price, Go to for more.